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AAE Gripper v-bar
AAE Gripper v-bar

AAE Gripper v-bar

Stabilize your shots with the AAE Gripper v-bar ! The AAE Gripper double v-bar provides unparalleled fit and stability for bows shooters using double v-bars installed on the bow stabilizer.

HAT-A024818 - AAE Arizona, 5718

Last copies, 7-10 days delay

Last copies, 7-10 days delay


AAE Gripper v-bar : for a perfect fit and stability

The AAE Gripper v-bar features AAE's exclusive BLS (Bolt Lock System) technology. This feature automatically drives the parts when the user loosens the bolt. Made of 7075 aluminum, the wider "body" portion of this V-Bar provides extra clearance, while the tapered engagement provides maximum contact area for optimal rigidity.

Characteristics of the AAE Gripper v-bar:

  • Color : black
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