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The crossbow is a weapon dating from the 5th century BC and which makes its first appearance in China. The principle of the crossbow is similar to that of the bow, the main difference is that the string is no longer held by physical force but by a rigid piece called arbier. Another difference is that crossbows do not shoot arrows but what is called a "crossbow tile". Over time these weapons have come in different ranges (the pound is the force of projection of the arrows) with each their own characteristics. There are hunting crossbows, also known as compound, or recreational crossbows.

Hatilla, armory specializing in crossbows, arches and original weapons (lance stone, cutlery ...), sells hunting crossbows, hunting knives for experienced hunters or to hunt more occasionally. Our online armory also allows you to equip yourself for recreational shooting or sport shooting.

To make the right choice of your equipment, you must determine the end use of your weapon. Powerful crossbows up to 180 pounds can throw arrows at speeds over 200 km / h and a range of nearly 200 meters. These weapons are ideal for game hunting and big game.

To practice target shooting, you can choose crossbows more or less powerful, depending on the distance of the shot, but your weapon must be precise with noble materials and a high-performance sighting scope.

We offer various accessories to enhance your experience such as arrowheads, arrows, spare ropes and sights.

Learn more about target shots.

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