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Hunting Crossbow, Leisure Crossbow and Crossbow Pistol

The crossbowdates back to the 5th century BC and made its first appearance in ancient China. The very principle of the crossbow is similar to that of the bow, the main difference is that the string is no longer held by the physical force of the crossbowman, but by a rigid part which is the support. The other difference is that crossbows do not shoot arrows but "crossbow bolt". Over the years, crossbows have come in different ranges (the pounds represents the projection force of the bolts) and have their characteristics. Today, there are hunting crossbows, compound crossbows, or crossbows for recreational shooting.

The main categories

The mini crossbows (50 - 80 lbs) are perfect to join archery. These one-handed crossbows are ideal for recreational shooting. Handy and easily transportable, they are however less powerful.

The 120 lbs crossbows are ideal for beginners and advanced shooters. They allow target shooting on a relatively long distance, but offer only average accuracy.

Choose a +150 lbs crossbow for better accuracy. These more powerful crossbows allow for very effective long-range shooting and are used as a hunting crossbow or as a sport shooting weapon.

Hattila your online armory shop

Whether you are a hunter, a sports shooter, a collector, or just an amateur, you will find the throwing weapon you need on Hattila.

Hattila, your armory experts in crossbows, bows, and original weapons (slingshot, cutlery...), sells hunting crossbows, hunting knives as well as hunting ammunition for experienced hunters or more occasional hunting. Our online archery also offers equipment for leisure or sport shooting.

To perfect your shooting, find on our site many articles for crossbow.

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120 - 360

Speed (FPS)

165 - 505


Crossbow Pack Cobra RX... Crossbow Pack Cobra RX... 2
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Cobra R9 and RX crossbow

EK Archery
€396.45 €432.80
The coupon for the arrows offered does not work with the pack since in the pack there are already 10 arrows offered.
Upgrade kit 175 pounds for... Upgrade kit 175 pounds for... 2
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Accessory Packs

Made up of a 175 lbs bow and a suitable rope you can replace the bow 150 pounds of your crossbow with this set.You will then have a 175-pound crossbow more powerful!
Half-moon nock for... Half-moon nock for... 2
In stock
Large Crossbows Bolts

Keep the arrow in the right position on the string with the half-moon nock for aluminum or carbon arrow! This Half Moon accessories is the perfect replacement nock for your crossbow bolts.
Point for aluminium or... Point for aluminium or... 2
In stock

Arm your crossbow bolts with this point for aluminium or carbon arrow! Made of aluminum, this durable accessories produces maximum impact on every target.
Insert for aluminium or... Insert for aluminium or... 2
In stock
Large Crossbows Bolts

Screw in your points with the insert for aluminium or carbon arrow! These crossbow accessory are important components of the crossbow bolt.
Rope / cable change package...
In stock
Spare parts

Order replacement of your pulley crossbow string online. Option A: You send the package at your own expense, we replace the rope and / or cables and we send the package back to you Option B: You pay 10 € more but we send you a colissimo bundle to send us back the piece of the crossbow, then we repair and send you back String price in addition to this package
Limb tips for Man Kung 120... Limb tips for Man Kung 120... 2
In stock

Opt for the limb tips for Man Kung 120 lbs pistol crossbow to hold the string on the crossbow limbs! This replacement accessories is ideal for pistol crossbows.
Limb tips for Man Kung XB21... Limb tips for Man Kung XB21... 2
In stock

Hold the string perfectly on the crossbow limb with the limb tips for Man Kung XB21 crossbow! Among the other accessories for crossbows, this model is essential for optimal limb fitting.
Limb tips for Man Kung 50... Limb tips for Man Kung 50... 2
In stock

Treat yourself to these limb tips for Man Kung 50 lbs pistol crossbow for optimal bow protection and perfect string retention! These limb tips are among the most reliable and best performing other accessories for crossbows available.

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