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The crossbowdates back to the 5th century BC and made its first appearance in ancient China. The very principle of the crossbow is similar to that of the bow, the main difference is that the string is no longer held by the physical force of the crossbowman, but by a rigid part which is the support. The other difference is that crossbows do not shoot arrows but "crossbow bolt". Over the years, crossbows have come in different ranges (the pounds represents the projection force of the bolts) and have their characteristics. Today, there are hunting crossbows, compound crossbows, or crossbows for recreational shooting.

The main categories

The mini crossbows (50 - 80 lbs) are perfect to join archery. These one-handed crossbows are ideal for recreational shooting. Handy and easily transportable, they are however less powerful.

The 120 lbs crossbows are ideal for beginners and advanced shooters. They allow target shooting on a relatively long distance, but offer only average accuracy.

Choose a +150 lbs crossbow for better accuracy. These more powerful crossbows allow for very effective long-range shooting and are used as a hunting crossbow or as a sport shooting weapon.

Hattila your online armory shop

Whether you are a hunter, a sports shooter, a collector, or just an amateur, you will find the throwing weapon you need on Hattila.

Hattila, your armory experts in crossbows, bows, and original weapons (slingshot, cutlery...), sells hunting crossbows, hunting knives as well as hunting ammunition for experienced hunters or more occasional hunting. Our online archery also offers equipment for leisure or sport shooting.

To perfect your shooting, find on our site many articles for crossbow.

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