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The Touchwood bows

The Touchwood brand offers traditional bows of Asian design with very good finishing and design, especially for their price.

In other words, Touchwood bows are elegant and well-made traditional bows, made of hard maple wood and equipped with double-center laminated limbs with the finest fibers and mycarta limb tips. The brand offers many classic style hunting bows and longbows of different lengths, each with its own unique style.

Among the Touchwood recurve bows available at Hattila, you have the Touchwood Taipan, a 60-inch recurve bow dedicated for traditional archery and hunting. Named after the Taipan, the most poisonous land snake in the world, this bow is agile and silent. Specificities that are worthy of its predatory namesake.

At Hattila, you can find Touchwood bows to suit your needs, but also your budget.

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