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The Accubow bows

At the age of 26, Matt Pell founded the company Accubow. The founder and CEO of Accubow has been shooting bows since the age of 10 and bowhunting since the age of 13. While he is an engineer by training, he has a deep passion for archery, bowhunting, and all things outdoors. Like most working Americans, Accubow's founder didn't have a lot of time for hobbies such as going to the archery range to practice and improve his skills in bow hunting and archery . His idea to start his own business was born out of a quest to train from anywhere without having to dry fire and retrieve arrow after arrow.

Accubow's first prototype was simple, with a resistance band attached to a PVC stick and a laser pen stuck to the stick to see where the shot was hitting. Matt used this product to train personally on accuracy and strength. After seeing the improvements in his archery skills, he decided to share his Accubow bow with the world.

The creator of Accubow designed and improved his product so that it could be used by all ages, skill levels and strengths. You can find out more about the different models of Accubow bows on Hattila.

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