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The Elite Bows

Elite is a brand that has long been known for designing the most optimized bows in the world. With the addition of many new technologies, Elite has become a reference in the field. The brand specializes in archery and crossbow equipment for both hunting and competition. Elite is pleased to serve both beginners who want to learn archery and more experienced shooters looking for the best equipment.

The Elite brand is defined by the specific feel of its bows thanks to fluid and supple cams, then reaching their maximum performance with a firm anchor and a solid wall. With the new exclusive ASYM Tri-Track Cam system, you get that elite feel that makes the difference on the shooting range. Discover on Hattila, our different models of Elite compound bows.

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10 - 70

Draw length

15 - 35




€615.00 - €1,340.00

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