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The Mybo Bows

Hattila offers several quality Mybo bows to make your archery experience more effective and exceptional. Discover our selection of compound bows with great accuracy. In addition to compound bows, the Mybo brand also designs stable, solid, high-end grips and high quality arrow rests. Other complementary accessories are also offered by the brand such as the sight, the release or the arrow lubricant which allows to remove the arrow more easily from the target. To keep your equipment safe, Mybo also offers a range of trendy backpacks in various colors.

If you are a high level archer, you can choose Mybo target compound bow from Origin and experience an unprecedented sensation thanks to its refined geometry during competitions or training sessions. Internationally recognized, Mybo Edge bows have exceptional expertise in leveling the nocking point and improving characteristics for better accuracy.

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40 - 60

Draw length

20 - 35




€650.00 - €1,420.00

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