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The Prime Bows

How did a bow company launched a few years ago become a top competitor in the midst of an industry of powerful brands that have been making bows for decades? Christine Graham and Tim Checkeroski of G5 Outdoor believe that the combination of a superior product and good service is the key. In fact, he said they want to be the leader in both technology and customer service.

In 2010, Prime was formed with the goal of creating the most accurate compound bows in the world. Their engineering team has a global view of the situation. They understand that it's not just one feature that makes one bow shoot more accurately than another, but rather the entire bow working properly. At Hattila, we offer various models of Prime compound bows to suit the needs and tastes of archers of all levels.

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40 - 70

Draw length

20 - 30




€535.00 - €2,535.00

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