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Sword: a fearsome weapon with historical charm

Are you looking for the ultimate chivalrous weapon? Get a sword! Rich in characteristics, this white combat weapon tells a story and an era based on the model. Indeed, it has been used by the greatest kings, warriors and heroes of the world, be it the Romans, the Bretons, the Japanese, the Celts, the French, etc. Beyond its authentic and historical character, the sword is also a fearsome weapon that you should definitely add to your collection of weapons and knives. Double-edged, the sword is strong, easy handling and has a blade as well as a point. Its blade is made of steel, carbon, titanium or metal, while its handle can be made of wood, cordura, leatherette or nylon. Some models have a protective guard and a pommel. To avoid deteriorating the blade's capacities, swords are often proposed with a scabbard. There are many models, so make your choice to suit your preferences and expectations. On Hattila, our specialized online store, discover our best selection of swords of the best brands and at the best price!

Hattila : the reference store for knives and swords

At Hattila, you will find several swords that are classified by the efficiency of their blades. The most popular are those dedicated to combat and training. On the other hand, several models designated as decorative are also appreciated by collectors.

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