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Dagger: a legendary and iconic old weapon

This mystical weapon was created millenniums ago. It is known all over the world as a variant of standard daggers. It is known for its popularity in the 7th art industry thanks to their wide representation in movies, cartoons, as well as video games. There is a wide variety of daggers, but generally speaking, a dagger is a short weapon with variable shapes based on the model: straight, wavy, etc.. It has a double edge blade and a handle, some models have a single edge blade like a standard knife. The handle can be made of wood, metal or plastic. Often, it is covered with fur or silk to allow a good grip, but also to provide a beautiful design. At Hattila, we offer you exceptional selections of daggers at accessible prices.

Dagger: a dedicated weapon for every need

Each model has been designed for a specific purpose: fancy daggers for decoration, turret daggers for their powerful stab, styli, with their fine aspect, allow inflicting important damages and the piercing daggers which are the best allies for defending oneself in an inferior situation. The latter are usually placed in the boots or on the belt to remain unnoticed. However, daggers can also be a real daily tool and can be used for butchery, hunting, and even in survival. Don't wait any longer to find your dream dagger through our online catalog hattila.com!: a legendary and iconic old weapon

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