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Sébastien FLUTE bow handles and limbs

Sébastien FLUTE Bows : precision and performance

The Sébastien Flute bows are synonymous with precision and performance in the world of archery. These bows are unanimously recognized as bow shooting gems, and have become essential references for archers around the world. hey offer an exceptional shooting experience to a wide range of shooters, from high-level professionals topassionate amateurs.

These bows are the fruit of the unwavering passion and exceptional expertise of Sébastien FLUTE, a living French bow shooting legend, winner of numerous national and international medals, and 2012 Olympic Games. Each of these bows embodies the legacy of his illustrious name, and is crafted with unrivalled attention to detail and quality.

Since their introduction to the market in 2005, Sébastien Flute bows have won admirers for their exceptional design and unrivalled value for money. They have quickly become the preferred choice for discerning archers.

In this article, we take a deep dive into this category of exceptional bows, highlighting their distinctive features, with a short guide to the essentials for choosing the right model for you.

The epitome of precision in archery

The Sébastien FLUTE bows are distinguished by their incredible shooting precision. Every detail of their design has been meticulously studied to guarantee outstanding performance. Whether you're a competitor looking to hit the center of your target or a hunter aiming for deadly accuracy, these bows are designed to meet your expectations.

One of the outstanding features of these bows is their construction in high-quality, innovative materials. Sébastien FLUTE draws on decades of experience to create bows in carbon fiber and other advanced composite materials. This lightweight construction offers unrivalled stability when shooting and minimizes vibration to ensure continued accuracy. Each model is the result of extensive research and rigorous international testing.

The winners' choice

The Sébastien FLUTE bows are not only appreciated by professionals, they are also suitable for archers of all levels. Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced archer, you'll find a bow in this range to suit your needs and style. These bows are available in left- and right-handed versions for greater adaptability.

In addition to bows, Sébastien FLUTE also offers a full range of accessories and equipments, from high-quality arrows and arrow rests, to sights and stabilizers. So, whether you're looking for a new competition bow or want to upgrade your current equipment, the Sébastien FLUTE range offers a complete solution for all archers.

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