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The blowpipe: a glass rod with an elegant design

For all dart or slingshot enthusiasts, a new range of blowpipes, with an elegant look, is proposed to you.

Blowpipe shooting is more than an activity, it is also learning to control the breath, living new sensations and learning new experiences.

Blowpipes adapted to all profiles

Whether you are a beginner looking for training to throw darts or a professional looking for an entertaining activity, this glass rod will satisfy you in optimal comfort and safety conditions.

Many blowpipe models and accessories available

Learn to shoot with a blowpipe thanks to the many models offered on Hattila! Wood, carbon or glass blowpipe, standard or professional, there is something for everyone. You will also find the famous brands such as Alexbow, Cold Steel or Ek Poelang. You will find additional accessories that you can use or position on your blowpipe.

The best prices on the market

Hattila offers high quality blowpipes for adults and children at the best prices on the market. Lightweight, flexible, tough blowpipes that come in a variety of colors and sizes for maximum customization. It's up to you!

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