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Darts, Projectiles for blowguns

Darts for blowpipes: reliable and efficient projectiles.

Want to hit target? Choose the right ammunition for your blowpipe. Known for its efficiency and performance, the darts is the best projectile for all types of blowpipe shooting. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, find your perfect projectile on Hattila!

Darts for different shooting activities

Whether you are a sport shooter, a hobby shooter, a hunter or a competitor, we have an extensive catalog of darts for blowpipe shooting. Choose from our collection of must-have darts for perfect blowpipe performance! All of our blowpipe darts are available in a variety of colors and shapes to meet your every need.

Choose from a variety of brand name darts!

To serve your passion, we offer a large range of quality darts made by the best brands to satisfy all blowpipe players. Young and old, just select the dart model that suits your taste and equipment and let's go! Place the dart inside, blow and it's in the bull's eye!

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