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Competition Slingshots

The slingshot is an accessory that has brought entertainment to many generations for many decades. We all remember the good times when we used to have fun aiming at straw targets with a slingshot and stones as projectiles. Although kids don't use it as much these days, the slingshot has become a popular throwing weapon for survival, hunting, and competitive shooting.

Improve your shooting skills with our competition slingshots

If you're looking to improve your shooting skills, our competition slingshots may be of interest to you! Participating in a slingshot competition is a fun and challenging sport that will improve your accuracy and shooting speed. There are many different types of competition slingshots, but you will certainly find the right models for all your needs on Hattila.

Unmatched quality slingshots

Our competition slingshots have been designed by professionals to bring together the best of technology. They are made of high-quality materials to offer exceptional resistance. Most are equipped with an aluminum fork with an ergonomic pistol grip made of metal or wood for ultimate maneuverability. They also have multiple settings for customized shots. As for the rubber bands, they can be tubular, single, double or triple. The rubber spacing is adjustable to suit your preferences, while the sight is adjustable so you don't miss a shot. With these competition slingshots, it is possible to reach throwing speeds of up to 90 m/s.

A wide range of projectiles and ammo

The slingshot is an ancient weapon that was originally made of wood, with a rubber band and a leather strap. However, its manufacture has evolved considerably over the years thanks to the use of more solid, robust and easy-to-handle materials. The projectiles used with the slingshot are not limited to stones, but can also include unconventional objects such as seeds, fruit or glass marbles. To improve the accuracy of the weapon, the projectiles for the slingshot have been optimized to be more dense and aerodynamic. This results in heavier, more accurate projectiles capable of reaching farther. Steel, clay, metal and lead slingshot pellets have become popular for their increased range and accuracy.

Why choose our competition slingshots?

Accurate shooting with a good slingshot can be very effective, regardless of your target. However, to maximize the performance of your slingshot, it is crucial to choose the right ammunition. At our online store, select your favorite slingshots, as well as your ammunition. The options are endless!

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