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Crossbows 50-80lbs

The mini crossbow or miniature crossbow is usually a small 50lbs crossbow or 80lbs crossbow designed for leisure activities that can be placed in your garden. They are ideal for introductory crossbow shooting because of their simple, quick and easy use.

For those who wish to purchase a smaller, more powerful crossbow, newer and more powerful models are now available. For example, you can purchase a 90lbs mini crossbow with all the necessary equipment to give you more excitement and bring you closer to the realm of shooting sports.

Mini crossbows have several advantages. They are : 

- easy to carry and store,

- light and easy to handle, thanks to their reduced reloading time,

- and affordable in terms of price, which is ideal for discovering the world of crossbow shooting.

On the other hand, the small crossbow does not have the other advantages that are more attributed to its big sisters, namely compound crossbows or big game hunting crossbows. Indeed, compared to mini crossbows, these models are : 

- more powerful, 

- more accurate, 

- or with a faster throwing speed.

Finally, the mini folding crossbow is a rather rare model on the market. Folding models are mostly found in larger crossbows over 175 lbs to make them more compact when it comes to transporting them.

High quality small one-handed crossbows

The pistol crossbow is a small crossbow that can be used with one hand. These models are more powerful than the beginner mini crossbows, as they can reach 90 lbs with arrows fired at more than 240 fps (263 km/h) like the EK Archery Cobra R9 mini crossbow. You can afford this high quality handgun at a low price and quickly get pleasure from powerful shots. Also feel free to get the best crossbow targets on the market from our online gun shop to vary your outdoor experience.

Low prices by Hattila

At Hattila.com, the specialist in online crossbow sales, we are committed to selecting the best products in the world of archery at the best prices. On our online store you will find models of mini crossbows with an excellent quality-price ratio, for all kinds of needs.

For example, Hattila offers this cheap pack consisting of a 50lbs mini crossbow for left or right handed shooters with a pack of 12 plastic arrows and a spare string for only 39,29 €.

Foldable, with string or bungee magazine, how to choose?

In the family of mini crossbows, there are several models. Foldable crossbows are rarer for this range, but there are mainly two types of strings to equip small crossbows.

The magazines with a string are based on the traditional design of crossbows. There are many replacement strings on the market and this system has proven itself over time. For example, consider the Cobra Gold mini crossbow pack, which contains a string for a small 80 lbs crossbow. Although conventional crossbow strings need to be changed regularly, the best models available from Hattila are designed to last over time and remain effective.

Rubber band magazines are a more recent development in the history of the crossbow. Thanks to advances in molecular science, plastic strings, or more precisely polymer strings, are now being used in some of the new high-end mini crossbow models. One such example is the Steambow Stinger AR-6 80lbs mini crossbow, which features an automatic magazine with a silent rubber band. This can be an excellent choice for hunting.

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