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High-Poundage Shooting Crossbows 150 to 180 lbs

Help with choosing a crossbow

The crossbow, an ancient yet still fearsome weapon, has been used throughout history for hunting, warfare, and even self-defense. Today, modern crossbows have evolved into more powerful and accurate models, capable of firing bolts at incredible distances with great precision. Easy to use and versatile, high-poundage crossbows have become a popular option for shooting enthusiasts looking for an alternative to the traditional bow and gun.

Why choose high-poundage crossbows?

High-poundage crossbows have several advantages over smaller or less powerful models:

  1. Range and power: Large crossbows have a longer range and higher shooting power than smaller or less powerful crossbows. This means that they can shoot heavier projectiles at greater distances, making them more suitable for competition shooting or big game hunting in countries where this practice is allowed. Remember that crossbow hunting is forbidden in France.
  2. Accuracy: Like all crossbows, large crossbows are designed to be accurate. However, larger models can be more stable and offer better accuracy at longer distances
  3. Durability: high-poundage crossbows are generally constructed of stronger, higher-quality materials, making them more resistant to harsh conditions and the effects of time.
  4. Versatility: High-poundage crossbows can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from competitive shooting sports to survivalism to hunting to scientific research.

The choice of a large crossbow will depend on the individual needs of each user, but these models are certainly more suited to those seeking a powerful, accurate and versatile crossbow.

What is the effective range of a high-poundage crossbow?

Crossbows are designed to be used at varying distances, ranging from 20 meters for the least powerful to over 100 meters for the most powerful. High-poundage crossbows are different from their smaller counterparts, and their use requires some expertise. When it comes to long-distance crossbows, 150 and 180lbs models are the best choices. Arrow throw speed is also important to consider, with an average of 400 FPS, or about 438 km/hour for high-poundage crossbows.

How much does a high-poundage crossbow cost?

The crossbow market offers a wide range of choices with prices varying considerably depending on the model offered. There are crossbows to suit every need and budget. For crossbow hunting, there are two draw weight options, namely 150lbs crossbows for small game hunting and 175 to 180lbs crossbows for big game. In France, crossbow hunting is prohibited, but some countries allow it. Always check local laws. Large crossbows can also be used for target practice, whether for leisure or competition. On Hattila, you will find packages that include a 150lbs crossbow with matching broadheads. We also offer foldable crossbows up to 180lbs and complete hunting crossbow packages up to 175lbs. Compound crossbows are very accurate and powerful weapons with a smart mechanism that allows for quick re-cocking and easy string drawing. These models, which can range from 175 to 200lbs, are generally intended for sport shooting and big game hunting.

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