Crossbows 150-180lbs

Crossbows 150lbs, Crossbows 180lbs

Heavy crossbows, those with a force of 120, 150,180 pounds are generally used as "weapons of hunting" or survivalism rather than recreational weapons, however it is not excluded to possess one for the simple pleasure of shooting in his garden. The distance of use of these weapons varies according to the power, from 20 meters for the weakest to more than 150 meters for the strongest, the use of a crossbow of this template is quite different from the use of small crossbows. The same goes for the speed of the projectile, count 55 m / s to 175m / s for the most powerful as the Barnett arbaletes. In order to help you even at a great distance, we have a range of accessories that will enhance your shooting experience.



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