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FMA Supersonic Tactical Crossbow 120 lbs 250 FPS

FMA Supersonic Tactical Crossbow 120 lbs 250 FPS

Discover the FMA Supersonic Tactical crossbow - compact perfection with ingenious magazine for fast and safe shooting. Up to 250 FPS speed, 60m range.
Choose your style: compact or XL.

HAT-FMATactical - FMA, 8647

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Check out the FMA Supersonic Tactical Crossbow - true perfection in action!

At Hattila, we are proud to present this exceptional weapon developed by X-BOW FMA. In its latest phase of evolution, the Supersonic Tactical incorporates a compact, slim and ingenious magazine that blends perfectly into the design of the crossbow, measuring only 5.5 cm high.

This magazine holds up to six arrows which are automatically reloaded, providing a fast rate of fire. As soon as the cocking process is complete, the next arrow instantly places itself in the barrel, ready to be fired. For optimal safety, the magazine locks after the last bolt, preventing accidental recocking of the crossbow. Not only is the shooter warned when the magazine is empty, but it also prevents unintended empty firing.

Additionally, the loader is equipped with an integrated Picatinny rail, allowing the mounting of any standard telescopic sight or red dot sight.

Based on the X-BOW FMA Supersonic model - 120 lbs / 250 fps, this compact crossbow has revolutionized the market. It consistently applies the compound principle, delivering unparalleled performance. Despite its ultra-compact size, it boasts 120 lbs of pulling power and reaches arrow speeds of up to 170 mph (with recommended high impact arrows). This gives it a firing range of up to 60 meters. Features previously unknown on larger crossbows!

Another highlight is the innovative cable pull system, allowing easy cocking of the crossbow. Just pull the rear handle to cock the rope. This system is designed so that the maximum force to be applied over the entire length of the stroke does not exceed 40 lbs.

Choose the version that suits your style: compact or XL? With its set of three arrows, the Supersonic Tactical is suitable for all shooters. The elongated shafts provide a better grip of the crossbow and can be optimally adjusted for each shooter. The material used is a high-quality, glass-fibre reinforced plastic that is heat-resistant and has a non-slip surface.

With the triangular shaft, the Supersonic XL Tactical features an ultra-compact and minimalist A-frame design. This shape provides increased stability and allows optimal adjustment of the length of the shoulder pad. The tree combines a solid design with excellent ergonomics.

The L-shaped shaft offers various advantages and possibilities of use. The open stock is extremely light and can also be used as a handle or attached to a corresponding bracket. Its slim shape fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the Supersonic Tactical, creating an elegant design between the handle and the shoulder part.

Please note: With the additional shaft, the Supersonic XL can reach a maximum length of 67 cm. It is possible to set the minimum length to 61 cm. By dismantling the roll holder, you can save an additional 2 cm. Depending on the configuration chosen, the XL version is between 19 and 25 cm longer than the compact version of the Supersonic, without the shaft.

The L-shaped or triangle design ensures an ultra-compact and lightweight construction, providing increased stability when shooting and an improved strike pattern. The adjustable shoulder rest allows for length adjustments. Up to 25 cm longer than the original X-BOW FMA Supersonic!

Please note: The X-BOW FMA Supersonic Tactical can only be used with tactical arrows, tactical cutting arrows or arrows specially adapted for the X-BOW FMA Supersonic Tactical. Using other arrows will void the crossbow warranty, as it may damage it.

Technical specifications of the FMA Supersonic Tactical crossbow:

  • Draw weight: 120 lbs.
  • Arrow speed: 250 fps (274 km/h) with the tactical arrow (135gr)
  • Kinetic energy: 52 joules
  • Minimum arrow weight: 100 gr
  • Power stroke: 7 inches (approx. 17.8 cm)
  • Dimensions of the FMA Supersonic Tactical crossbow:
  • Supersonic short: about 42cm
  • Supersonic XL: approx. 61-67 cm
  • Width (stretched, center to center): 5 inches (approx. 12.7 cm)
  • Width (unstretched, center to center): 7.9 inches (approx. 20.1 cm)
  • Sight Rail: 19mm
  • Magazine capacity: 6 arrows
  • Strings and Cables: Made in USA

Scope of delivery of the FMA Supersonic Tactical crossbow:

  • 1x crossbow
  • 5x tactical arrows
  • Mounting hardware
  • Multilingual instructions
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Reviews about this product

Based on 3 reviews

  • Jérôme A.
    Published 15/06/2024 à 12:32 (Order date: 05/06/2024)

    Parfait !

  • Gabriele g.
    Published 13/02/2024 à 16:50 (Order date: 01/02/2024)

    bon produit robuste et fiable je le recommande.

  • Keith W.
    Published 03/11/2023 à 15:01 (Order date: 23/10/2023)


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