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On Hattila.com, an online armory for the purchase of bows, crossbows and original weapons, find many accessories for a better experience with your shooting weapons: riflescopes for a marksmanship, spare ropes, arrows plastic or metal ...

Find hunt points on your tiles for use with your crossbow for hunting.

Light crossbows (or mini crossbows) are not suitable for shooting, not being powerful enough. They are rather adapted for recreational shooting. Choose a heavy crossbow with a force of 120 pounds or more for hunting.

We offer arrowheads adapted to 16 and 20 inch arrows. These metal hunting spikes, sold in sets of 3, have 4 perforating blades allowing the arrows to pierce the target or the prey.

They are therefore recommended to hunt small game thanks to a precise and powerful long distance shooting.

To mount your hunting points, it's very simple: just unscrew the original points of the arrows and screw the hunting points instead.

We also offer other load accessories on our online archery:

Get a quiver for storing and reloading your hunting ammo.

Warning: the use of these weapons is subject to regulation and crossbow hunting is prohibited on French territory.

To practice bow hunting, find our models of compound bow (compound bow), the most suitable for hunting compared to a traditional bow.

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