Compound crossbows

Very powerful and cheap compound crossbows

The compound crossbow is a weapon of excellent power thanks to an ingenious system that allows to quickly rearm projectiles of your crossbow. Hattila is an online archery that offers different models of compound crossbow.

Without this system of pulleys and rearming, it would be much more difficult to stretch the crossbow rope. A compound crossbow is a crossbow with power between 175 pounds and 200 pounds. This power is allowed thanks to a very tight taut rope and a very rigid arc curve! Such a crossbow can be used in several settings and several objectives.

A compound crossbow is powerful enough for hunting. It will become a must in your hunting weapons. You will also find hunting accessories and hunting ammunition for a crossbow (arrows and tiles). Target shooting requires targets adapted to the power. With the online armory Hattila, it is also possible to equip for recreational shooting or sports shooting with various accessories: crossbow with rifle scope - red point finder, quiver, strap, band, arrows aluminum ... Ultra-fast charging makes it easy to stay on the lookout.

If you are looking for a crossbow with more power or an alternative to your rifle or your bow (recurve bow - traditional bow or compound bow), trust a compound crossbow sold by Hattila, specialist in the sale of crossbows online.



€285.00 - €540.00

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