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Compound crossbows

The compound crossbow is an outstanding and powerful throwing weapon thanks to an ingenious system that allows you to recock the projectiles very quickly. Hattila, your online archery, offers a wide range of compound crossbows models.

Without this pulleys and recocking system, tightening the crossbow's string would be much more difficult. The power of a compound crossbow is generally between 175 lbs and 200 lbs. This power arises from a tight string and a super-stiff curved bow. Such a crossbow can therefore be used for various outdoor activities, whether it be sport shooting, recreational shooting, or hunting.

A compound crossbow is an ideal hunting crossbow, it is powerful enough for hunting large and small game. Also, the ultra-quick recocking allows you to remain prepared. It will therefore become a must among your hunting weapons. You will also find hunting accessories and hunting ammunition for crossbows (broadheads and bolts) on your online armory shop. For target shooting, choose targets that match the power of the crossbow.

Whatever your shooting practice, on Hattila, you can easily equip your crossbow with various accessories: scope (for long-range shooting), red dot sight, quiver, strap, band, aluminum bolts, arrow rest...

If you are looking for a more powerful crossbow or an alternative to your hunting rifle, shotgun, or bow (classic bow or compound bow), you can rely on a compound crossbow, available from your online crossbow specialist.

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220 - 505


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