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Compound crossbows

Help with crossbow selection

Thecompound crossbow is a very powerful throwing weapon, thanks to an ingenious system that allows the projectiles to be re-cocked very quickly. Hattila, your online archery store, offers a wide range of compoundcrossbow models.

Without this pulley and reset system, it would be much more difficult to tension the crossbow string. The power of a compound crossbow is generally between 175 and 200 lbs. This power is made possible by an extremely well-tensioned string and a very stiff curve bow. Such a crossbow can therefore be used for a variety of outdoor activities, from sport shooting to leisure shooting and hunting.

In fact, a compound crossbow is an ideal hunting crossbow, powerful enough for big game and small game hunting. What's more, its ultra-fast reloading lets you stay on the lookout. It's sure to become a must-have among your hunting weapons. You'll also find hunting accessories and hunting ammunition(arrowheads and squares) at your online gun shop. For target shooting, you'll need targets to match your power.

Whatever your shooting style, Hattila makes it easy for you to equip your crossbow with a range of accessories: scopes (for long-distance shots), red dot sights, quivers, straps, bandoliers, aluminium arrows, arrow rests...

If you're looking for a more powerful crossbow or an alternative to your hunting rifle, shotgun or bow (compound or recurve), trust a compound crossbow available from your online archery, bow and crossbow store.

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220 - 505


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