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Camping & Bivouac trek, hike and survival

When you go camping or for survive in the wilderness, knowing how to build your shelter is as important as choosing and setting up your bivouac correctly. Depending on the situation, you must know how to set up your base camp while taking into account security, food and water sources, but also discretion. It would be preferable to choose an isolated place and inconspicuous to establish a camp. This is one of the reasons why bivouac equipment such as the compact tents or tarps and sheeting are offered in green colors, which can perfectly blend in with nature. But bivouacking is not limited to the installation of a shelter. It is a true art of living that should include all the necessary survival tools, such as multipurpose pliers, knives and hatchets. Survival also requires first aid kits, as well as various power and fire equipment, not to mention water treatment.

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