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Bushcraft is an outdoor activity that is neither similar to camping nor similar to hiking. If camping is about enjoying a weekend in the wilderness while enjoying a certain comfort of life, Bushcraft and survival respond to a different philosophy. Bushcraft is a practice that translates into "the art of living in the woods". It is a way of life that allows you to get closer to nature without the influence of all kinds of technology. However, it requires the use of some equipment such as the Bushcraft knife or the survival axe.

Bushcraft and survival, practices at the heart of the new trend

Bushcraft and survival are both activities that are starting to have more and more followers. And even if these two practices are sometimes amalgamated, they differ on many points. However, the goal is more or less the same: to survive in the wild. For this, you have to be in good physical and mental conditions. And even if at the base, these two practices aim at detaching oneself from the material and technological world, some equipment is still essential. In this context, it is impossible to ignore the survival knife, the multifunction survival card and the wire saw. Find all your survival and bushcraft essentials at Hattila.

The difference between Bushcraft and survival

Survival, broadly speaking, is a practice that survivalists sometimes engage in. The principle of this activity is to learn self-sufficiency by living in a natural environment. Comfort is not an issue here because the objective is to get out of a forest or a jungle safely. Bushcraft, on the other hand, is a practice whose goal is to detach oneself from the material world. This world in which technology has ended up imposing itself in all domains. Bushcraft, like camping, consists in enjoying nature while respecting it. The difference is that it is free of the comfort of camping equipment. Only a few pieces of equipment such as knives, saws and others are necessary to get started.

The equipment needed to practice these activities If you want to practice Bushcraft or survivalism, you will first need a survival knife or a Bushcraft knife. They will be of great use to you for cutting wood into twigs. They are also indispensable for cutting food. Hattila, the reference in online archery, offers you mini survival knives with fire starter and paracord, accessories that combine practicality and ergonomics. You can also find survival hatchets with paracord and fire starter, very practical to get rid of bushes and to make a fire in the early evening.

Because in the forest it is quite easy to get lost, having a map is a necessity. But as the goal is to free from all the technological equipment, a multifunctional map with compass is the must. You can find a wide range of models on Hattila.com. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Apart from the knives and the map, a mini-excavator, saws and other tools will also be indispensable. It can be used for digging holes to set up a camp or for finding grubs as bait for fishing. Hattila offers different models of folding shovels made of stainless steel with an excellent price-quality ratio.

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