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Excavators, Saws and other tools

We often hear the terms "bushcraft" and "survival" used when talking about outdoor activities. Although both are practised in the wilderness, their concepts differ in many ways. In fact, while in survival you're going to fight, in bushcraft your aim will be to live comfortably in nature. That's why you need specific tools such as :

A shovel

Although not as popular as knives, a shovel is very practical at bushcraft. You can use it to dig a latrine or make a cat hole to bury waste. This minimizes the risk of animals approaching you.

A shovel can also be used to build winter shelters, create drainage ditches around your shelter, etc.

A saw

Versatile and powerful, a saw can be used for clearing undergrowth, cutting branches for shelter, sawing bones, cutting firewood, etc. It's also lightweight and easy to transport.

An axe (or hatchet)

Although the general use of the saw and the axe is very similar, the latter is more practical for building semi-permanent or permanent shelters, cutting firewood, shaping logs, as well as for various other tasks such as food preparation.

A knife

Some bushcraft would say that with a good knife, you don't need anything else in the wilderness. Knives are versatile: clearing brush, making shelter, preparing food, etc., and there are many different types of blade for different tasks and situations.

Fire starter kit

No need to use two sticks or strike two stones to light a fire in the wild. Nowadays, the standard tool for starting a fire, without a lighter or match, is a magnesium fire rod and a striker.


Although it's possible to design your own rope in the wilderness, you'll need time and practice to do it properly. In that case, keep a rope on hand to make it easier to build shelter frames, set snares, make a fishing net, hang a bear bag, etc.

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