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Signaling trek, hike and survival

Hiking, Bushcraft, survival and camping are all outdoor activities that allow you to reconnect with nature. This is why more and more people are taking up these activities to get away from the material world. But the neophytes in this field tend to forget that there are seasons that are favorable to these activities and seasons where they are less so. In winter, in the mountains for example, hiking is less popular than in summer. Especially since when the first snow falls, the trails are more slippery and it is easier to get lost. That's why it's important to have a signage kit.

Signaling kits for hiking and Buschcraft

If survival kits are important for hiking, signaling kits are even more important. On slippery trails, accidents are not uncommon. And in winter, when snow covers the entire landscape, it becomes easier to get lost. That's why the purchase of a signaling kit should never be taken lightly. At Hattila, the online archery reference, you will find everything you need to signal your position in case of an accident. Hattila offers you a range of floating survival whistles, a set of glow sticks and signaling mirrors.

The different types of communication and signaling kits

In the event of an accident while practicing bushcraft or survival, you will need a signaling kit. The list of equipment for this purpose is not exhaustive. But of the most important, you will find:

The survival whistle

The survival whistle is a must have to make yourself heard if ever you are lost in the forest. The models are numerous, but it would be better to prefer the floating whistles which show a great resistance to water.

The signal mirror

A signaling mirror is a practical accessory in any situation. Whether you're hiking, surviving or camping, it will allow you to shave properly or give yourself a makeover. And in case of an emergency, it will allow you to send walruses.

A flashing spotlight

A flashing spotlight will make it easy for other people to spot you if you get lost in the dark. At Hattila, you can find a complete kit including a mirror, a whistle, a float and a flashing spotlight with a carabiner.

Bengal lights

Bengal lights are very practical to signal your position at night. They give off good light, but emit less smoke. At Hattila, you will find a wide range of glow sticks sold for less than 3 euros.

Apart from the above-mentioned accessories, you can also get a dynamo radio or a solar-powered radio. Most of the models on the market are equipped with a siren and a LED lamp that will be very useful. The radio will also allow you to know a little more about the weather conditions of the next days. You will also be informed in case of evacuation in case of a disaster.

The right reflexes to adopt when you get lost while hiking

If you get lost, keep your cool. If you have taken a wrong turn, sit down and think about how to get back on track. Retrace your steps and try to find the place from which you started. Use your compass or GPS. If you are unable to find your way back, use your signage kits to help other hikers find you.

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