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Compass trek, hike and survival

When hiking or doing survivalist activities, it is important to be well equipped to face any situation. Thus, it is impossible to go without a survival kit, a water kit, a lighting kit and a signaling kit. And because it is essential to know how to orient yourself in order to stay on the trail, the compass is just as important.

The compass, a must have for outdoor activities

Besides the map, first aid and survival kits, the compass is a must-have tool if you plan to engage in any outdoor activity. The reason is that it allows you to better orient yourself when you find yourself in a hostile forest. Introduced to the market centuries ago, the compass has now taken on a revolutionary design. It is no longer as large as it used to be and is more accurate than ancient models. At Hattila, you will find the different possible variations of the latest generation of compasses: folding transparent compass, waypoint compass with magnifying glass and Lensatic compass.

The different types of compasses

There are many different types of compasses on the market to suit all needs. This means that for one type of model, there is a specific use. For hiking, you will find:

The flat compass

The flat compass is the model often found in large stores. As its name suggests, it is a flat, transparent compass that is equipped with several elements. The magnetic needle, for example, is the element that indicates north. The directional arrow shows the direction to follow once you have drawn the azimuth. The side scale is the equivalent of a ruler and will allow you to measure a distance according to the scale indicated on the map.

The thumb compass

The thumb compass is the most compact compass as it can be attached to your thumb when you are walking in the wilderness. This type of model is characterized by an adjustable hanging point, a needle that indicates north, a numbered dial and a directional arrow.

The folding compass

The folding compass is the most popular among hikers and survivalists. The reason is that it is equipped with a case that provides better protection against shocks and falls. Apart from the basic elements that you will find on most compasses, the folding model has a reticle for aiming.

Downloadable compasses applications for mobile and smartphones are not always recommended. For one, the thickness of the phone is not always suitable and does not ensure a comfortable grip for orientation.

How to use a compass?

The use of a compass allows all hikers and survivalists to find their way on a map. To do so, you just have to match the north on the map with the north indicated by the needle of your compass. You will have to put the compass on the map and rotate it until the 2 norths are on the same line.

The compass is also a piece of equipment that will give you the opportunity to locate yourself on a trail in relation to your map. To do this, you will need to point the aiming arrow towards the point you wish to identify. Then, position your map correctly under your compass. This will allow you to locate where the line of sight connected to the arrow intersects the trail.

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