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Crossbows 90 lbs

The mini hunting crossbow is usually a 90 lbs hand crossbow, but can be made more powerful. In this category of one-handed hunting crossbows, we will find in particular the Cobra R9 model from EK Archery or the Skorpion crossbow.

Mini crossbows dedicated to hunting

A mini hunting crossbow has the precious advantage of offering a lot of mobility and maneuverability to its user. These advantages will be very useful in hunting conditions. Some hand crossbows offer very modern looks and performance that can sometimes match a very powerful crossbow.

Best brands of mini crossbows

The Cobra R9 model from EK Archery is different from all other small hunting crossbows on the market in several ways:

  • its ease of cocking thanks to the included lever,
  • its modern and very aggressive design,
  • the impressive speed of the arrows it propels.

Just like its little branch the Skorpion crossbow pistol, the Cobra R9 offers a very modern design. This one-handed hunting crossbow with a futuristic look comes in two versions:

  • the Cobra R9 Deluxe version with a stock, foregrip and sight (there was a red LED tactical light before, but the manufacturer discontinued it)
  • and the Cobra R9 Simple version, which as the name suggests consists simply of the crossbow and arrows.

In other words, the "Simple" model is a handheld crossbow without accessories and the Cobra R9 Deluxe model is a mini hunting crossbow with several very practical and functional accessories such as the Red Dot reflex sight, the strap, the stock and the front grip. You won't find a better price than Hattila for your Cobra R9 Deluxe!

The Cobra R9 may be similar in some respects to the Cobra RX Adder, a semi-automatic crossbow rated at 130 lbs. Both of these crossbows from EK Archery have a lot to offer, thanks to several revolutions in the field of crossbow shooting, such as their included cocking mechanism. For the Cobra R9, for example, you simply push the lever back and forth to cock the little hunting crossbow, without disassembling or adding anything. Cocking this very powerful mini crossbow takes 4 seconds, if we take into account the time to put the arrow. To do this, simply use the lever that is attached to the foot of the handle by pushing it forward. This will cause the trigger mechanism to slide forward until it catches the string. Then put the lever back in position, and the crossbow is cocked! This is revolutionary!

A second big innovation in this Cobra R9 mini crossbow is its assembly system, the bow and stock are held in place by pins. It takes about 40 seconds to assemble the Deluxe Crossbow (with stock and foregrip) and about the same amount of time to disassemble it. It's easy to do and no tools are required.

Hattila, the online crossbow specialist, offers many accessories for your Cobra R9 crossbow: cover for Cobra R9, Deluxe kit (to add stock and foregrip if you have the Single version), more powerful 110 lbs or 130 lbs bow, laser sight, 7.5 and 15 inch long arrows.

This model of crossbow is 90 lbs, you can change the bow to make your small hunting crossbow reach 110 lbs, or 130 lbs. With the 110 lbs bow your arrows will exceed the speed of 255 fps (280 km/h) while with the 90 lbs bow you reach 290,7 fps (265 km/h)...

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