Crossbows 90 lbs

Crossbow 90 lbs Cobra R9

Crossbows of 90 lbs are also crossbows of a power superior to those of 90 lbs but inferior to the crossbows of hunting.
In this category we will find especially the Cobra R9 model from EK Archery

the Cobra R9 model stands out in many ways from all other crossbow on the market:
- Its ease of arming thanks to the included lever
- Its modern and very aggressive design
- The impressive speed of the arrows

In this 90 lbs crossbow model, EK Archery has put all its knowledge and skills together to offer a very impressive crossbow, but above all a 90 lbs crossbow that draws faster lines than crossbows. 150 lbs (240 fps vs 220 fps).
The Cobra R9 will seduce many people with its included arming mechanism: just push the lever and bring it back to arm the crossbow, without dismounting or adding anything. Arming the crossbow takes 4 seconds if you take into account the time to put the arrow.

You have the model "Simple" ie the crossbow without accessories and you have the model Cobra R9 Deluxe, basic model with several accessories very practical and functional as the red dot reflex glasses, the strap, the stick and the front handle.
You will not find cheaper than at Hattila for your Cobra R9 Deluxe!



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