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Crossbow bows

Crossbow bows: essential parts for continued practice and performance

Your crossbow consists of a barrel with a bow mounted on it. These spare parts are fundamental to this powerful and efficient shooting weapon. The crossbow bow is the main part of your crossbow. Usually made of compressed fiberglass, this part will naturally give your weapon a new look. Being considered a wearing part, it needs to be replaced regularly in order to ensure the continuity of your shooting practice. It is a replacement back-up that every good shooter must have in his arsenal. Finding the right bow for your crossbow is not an easy task. That's why Hattila has selected a wide range of replacement bows to suit your crossbows and your needs.

Hattila, your specialized archery companion

To satisfy all customers, even the most demanding, Hattila offers a whole collection of accessories and spare parts for crossbows, at very competitive prices, and crossbow bows are one of them. To make your life easier, we have classified the crossbow bows by brand according to the models and power of the crossbows: EK Archery, Hori-Zone and Mankung, for crossbows ranging from 30 lbs to 175 lbs or more. You are sure to find the perfect crossbow to match your weapon. All you have to do is choose from Hattila's selection!

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