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Wooden crossbow

Our wooden crossbows on this page are made of real wood. They are real functional crossbows whose body is metal and the stick is made of wood. On some models there is also a wooden handle at the front of the wooden crossbow.
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A crossbow, whether you need it for hunting or for your archery competitions, is the ultimate precision weapon. Designed with wood, especially for the stock and sometimes on the handle, our line of weapons is aesthetic and high quality. To provide good resistance and strength, however, the body of the crossbows is designed with metal. Functional and with the best assets, our wooden crossbows will make you feel more sensations.

Wood remains a noble material. Thanks to its authentic and rustic side, it offers to the crossbows an incomparable aesthetic touch, even in the most sober style. Moreover, being a material that is easy to work with, wood is an excellent material for the manufacture of quality crossbows with an excellent finish. Every detail can be worked with precision. This will allow crossbowmen and archers to enjoy a particularly resistant and solid jet weapon. In terms of performance, wooden crossbows, once properly handled, will give you the opportunity to make powerful and accurate shots over a long distance.

Treat yourself to one of our good quality crossbows!


When aesthetics meets performance, they create beautiful, functional crossbows that are extremely practical and easy to handle. In our selection of real wood crossbows you will find different types and models with high power. They are reliable weapons for accurate shooting over long distances.

Do you particularly like weapons mounted in a rather original design? Then a wooden crossbow in a shotgun style will satisfy you. Wooden crossbows come in a wide range of styles, such as a short wooden stock or a rope model. To ensure the aesthetics of our wooden crossbows, some materials, such as aluminum and metal, are also used in their design. The wooden parts have been specially chosen to give your jet weapon the strength necessary for an easy handling. The great resistance of the wood also undeniably plays in boosting the power and aiming of the crossbow. Whether you are simply a hunting enthusiast or a recreational shooter, the crossbow will be an excellent choice.

The wooden crossbows in our collection provide great shooting power. Their power varies from 80 to 150 lbs. This can give you a shooting speed of up to 230 km/h over a long range, up to 150 m. Wood being an easy material to work with, every detail of the crossbow is made with precision. You can be sure to find a reliable model with all the precision and maneuverability you need for your hunting or leisure activities. With wooden crossbows, you have the opportunity to shoot at full power for an indefinite period of time. The preparation of the weapon will be as fast as the performance to estimate the range of the shot of the archer or the crossbowman.

Treat yourself to the wooden crossbow that will meet your needs and requirements at our shotgun store, whatever your budget!

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80 - 150

Speed (FPS)

175 - 210


€30.00 - €135.00

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