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Cobra R9 and RX crossbow

The crossbow Cobra R9 is a revolution in the world of crossbows: it is very easy to assemble, very easy to arm thanks to its lever and has a very modern and pleasant design. Its power of 90 lbs (possible to change for a bow 110 lbs) is not to take lightly since the 7.5 "lines spin at 240 FPS, which is already very fast.

The Cobra RX is an improvement of the R9 since it has a shock arc of 130 lbs whose features are 15 "spinning at 230 FPS and a new viewfinder type reflex.We kept all the attributes of the R9 .

We can say that the crossbow Cobra RX Adder is an automatic crossbow because it has a loader with a capacity of 5 lines and it will only take a few seconds to shoot all thanks to the lever arming system. more innovative in the world.

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90 - 130

Speed (FPS)

230 - 270


€0.00 - €600.00

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