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Arbalète EK Recurve 175 lbs

The recurve crossbow is a bolt-throwing weapon ideal for recreational shooting, target shooting, survival shooting or sport shooting. Although it is less powerful than the compound or compound crossbow, which is more suitable for big game hunting, it delivers enough power for all other types of shooting.

Hattila offers here recurve crossbows with a power of 175 lbs from the brand Ek Archery, renowned for the quality and precision of its crossbow ranges. If you are looking for a reliable, yet affordable model, choose from this selection. 

What is a recurve crossbow?

The traditional or compound crossbow consists of a bow and barrel that is reloaded manually or mechanically to shoot arrows at targets. Its design is inspired in some way by the rifle and the bow in terms of its mechanisms. We will note in particular the presence of stock, simple or mechanical trigger, a safety lever and a sighting system on the crossbow, a little like on the rifle. But there is also a string, limbs and a projectile as on the traditional bow. Despite this, it is far from being a hybrid weapon, it is an edged weapon capable of shooting at full speed, accurate and deadly. Only, the crossbow reduces the rate of fire.

Recurve crossbows are models that have limbs with inverted curves at the ends. It has no pulleys. As a result, the weapon is much larger and has few moving parts. One can easily and quickly change the shooting string. The absence of pulley cables simplifies the operation, use and maintenance of this weapon. It allows for accurate and silent shooting.

What is the difference between a recurve crossbow and a compound crossbow?

Recurve and compound crossbows are classified as large crossbows with a power rating of 175 lbs. They are capable of shooting at a distance of more than 50 meters and are suitable for all types of shooting: recreational, sporting, survival or hunting. These two types of weapons differ, however, on several points:

- The mechanism

It is the main difference between the two weapons. On the compound crossbow, the pulley mechanism is placed at the end of the limbs (oval or round), which reduces the effort required to draw the string. In the recurve crossbow, the string is attached to the limbs (inverted curved ends), which requires more effort to cock.

- The power

In terms of performance, the compound crossbow is the most powerful. It is particularly suitable for hunting big game, requiring very high power and speed of fire. It is clear that these two types of crossbows are aimed at two different audiences.

- The use

On this point, the recurve crossbow has the advantage of simplicity of use. Thanks to its simple mechanism, it is easier to operate and maintain. Even if the shooting string breaks, the user can change it himself with a spare string.  

How to choose the right recurve crossbow?

Recurve crossbows combine efficiency and accuracy. The main users of recurve crossbows are sport shooting, survivalist and hunting enthusiasts. To choose a recurve crossbow, you need to consider a few criteria:

- activity and power: sport shooting requires a less powerful weapon than hunting. The power of the crossbow should therefore be chosen according to your activity.

- Aesthetics: recurve crossbows come in different designs and finishes, such as the Ek Archery Jaguar 1 Camouflage Deluxe and the Ek Archery Jaguar 2 Pro Black.

- Accessories and options: these crossbows incorporate several accessories, which makes them more convenient to use. You need to take stock of which ones you need.

If you want to buy a complete weapon, it is possible to buy crossbow packs, delivered with all its accessories on our online store. In an Ek recurve crossbow pack, for example, you can find accessories like a Red Difiantot scope, an adjustable sight, arrows and quiver, a rope coker, a stringer, a lube tube for the string, etc.  However, Hattila.com also offers Ek Archery crossbow accessories.

Owning and Maintaining a Recurve Crossbow

Like all crossbows, the recurve crossbow is considered to be a D2H stabbing weapon. It is not strictly regulated like a bow. This means that anyone can buy and own a crossbow without the need for a shooting license, hunting permit or shooting permit as with archery. On the other hand, it is mandatory to carry the crossbow disassembled and in a case, never loaded and ready for use. Hunting with a crossbow is also forbidden in France, you have to fly to other European, American or African countries to indulge in this activity.

As far as maintenance is concerned, this type of crossbow is less fragile than compound crossbows. No specific equipment is needed to keep it in good working order, just wax the string regularly and store the weapon properly.

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