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EK Compound 185 lbs Crossbow

Compound crossbows, commonly known as compound crossbows, are the most popular for high level shooting and hunting. They are, in fact, the most powerful models. Compared to the width of the bow of a conventional crossbow, the width of the compound crossbow is smaller. But what makes their big difference is the presence of a pulley mechanism at the end of its limbs. These pulleys give more power to the weapon and optimize its performance.

Ek Archery, a reliable and low cost crossbow manufacturer, offers here 185 lbs compound crossbows. The models have different features and come in different prices to fit your needs and budget. Find your 185lb compound Ek crossbow among the models available on our store and don't wait to buy and test your brand new hunting weapon!

What are the advantages of compound crossbows?

If you want to get a crossbow that is compact, aesthetically pleasing and performs well, the compound will most likely suit you. It happens to be a more compact weapon, especially in comparison with recurve crossbows and conventional crossbows. It is shorter, so it is easier to handle and allows you to shoot even in a cramped environment. Because of its compactness, the compound crossbow can be easily transported and stored. On the other hand, there are currently models with inverted bows and off-center pulley, which are much larger.

The compound crossbow boasts a remarkable power of 150 to 200 lbs, generally, or even much more on the most performing models. Their arrow output speed can exceed 400 fps on some models. But what exactly are the advantages of the compound crossbow?

- Less effort to cock the crossbow

To cock a crossbow, it is necessary to tension the shooting string in order to load the line, arrow or point onto the rail. This movement also serves to increase the force of gravity and the dynamic force to propel the projectile. This can be complicated, even requiring two people to operate. With the pulleys that serve as a support system, there is no need to worry about pulling the string, the operation requires little effort. The user can act on his own and quickly cock his projectile. As an added bonus, these pulleys further accelerate the speed of the shots for accurate long-distance shooting. The result is less effort for the shooter to cock the crossbow and a faster rate of fire. Some compound crossbows now offer a "let off" function that further reduces the effort required.

- Remarkable speed of fire

The other great innovation of the compound crossbow is its speed. The pulleys play an essential role in the weapon's shooting power. The arrow will draw all this power at the limbs. In the compound crossbow, they are stiff and not soft like in the recurve crossbow. Pulling the string with only the strength of your body will require a titanic effort.

The pulley system reduces the force needed to tension the string and cock the crossbow. The pulley system reduces the force needed to tension the string and cock the crossbow, and allows the release of the tensioned string, thus increasing the power and speed of the arrow considerably. If you shoot an identical arrow using a compound crossbow and a conventional crossbow, the arrow will be propelled with ever greater speed and power with the former weapon. The record for the fastest draw speed is held by the compound crossbow to this day.

- Better performance

It is clear that a compound crossbow offers better performance compared to its counterparts. In terms of power, it can go up to 260 lbs, which is equivalent to the string tension needed to send an arrow at its maximum speed. With the 185 lbs Ek compound crossbows, the models offer speeds ranging from 355 fps to 410 fps. This kind of power allows for small game hunting, as the broadhead is able to pierce the animal and stop it in its tracks. Nevertheless, you need to be strong enough to hand-cock these crossbows. Fortunately, you can find models with stirrups, rope cocker or other cocking systems among the Ek Archery compound crossbow lines. Learn more about the features of each model to make your choice.

Compound crossbows 185 lbs, for which users?

This compound crossbow is particularly suitable for crossbowmen who have already had some shooting experience. They are ideal for hunters, but not only! They are compact weapons that can also be used by sport shooters, survival shooters, ect.

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