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Crossbows cams

In medieval times, the crossbow was the weapon of choice for knights. Like slingshots, it was the only throwing weapon that could pierce armor even at short range. But although powerful and relatively accurate at short ranges, the crossbow has been developed in many different versions. Today, it has become an indispensable throwing weapon in the field of hunting. Powerful and efficient, the modern crossbow also incorporates anti-vibration technology, which guarantees more accuracy and a discreet shot. 

The compound crossbow

The crossbow is an equipment that presents itself as a weapon for throwing shots or bolts. In the past, it was reloaded manually. But with new technologies, it can now be reloaded mechanically and includes several accessories. There are also many variants when it comes to crossbow models. And the most popular is the compound crossbow. As the name suggests, it is a combination of a traditional crossbow and a compound bow. In its frame, it is similar to its predecessor in that it is easy to cock. In the same way, the compound crossbow optimizes the accuracy of shooting. In terms of use, compound crossbows are popular in the hunting field. They are also allowed in target shooting games.

In addition, unlike recurve crossbows, compound crossbows deliver 150 lbs of power with a projectile speed of almost 420 FPS. At Hattila, you will find a wide range of accessories to equip your crossbow. You will find projectiles ranging from 14 to 22 inches, quivers, grips, stocks and even cams.

Why do you need a cam on a crossbow?

A cam is just an accessory that reduces the force required to cock a crossbow. With a pulley, the tension of the shooting string is reduced, but the string becomes very taut under a certain pressure. The cam reduces the force of gravity on the shooting bolt. On a compound crossbow, the installation of this device optimizes the acceleration of the shot when it is propelled. This makes the shot more accurate with unparalleled shooting power. The cams are also considered to be an innovation for a crossbow. This device is an effective system to increase the speed of the bolts. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, compound crossbows are shorter and more compact. They are ideal for beginners in the field of crossbow shooting. 

Increase shooting speed with cams

Unlike a bow, a crossbow is meant to be more powerful in terms of shooting. The projectiles are even capable of piercing the target with these throwing weapons. This explains why they are so popular in the hunting field, especially the cam crossbows. Another reason why crossbows are so powerful is because of their structure. The power is concentrated a bit more in the limbs. For compound crossbows, these limbs are steeper, but the string can be strung more easily because of their cam system. In this way, gravity exerts an even greater force and the arrows will be able to reach a high speed. It is also good to know that the cam crossbows hold the record for the fastest draw. 

A cam, for a better comfort of use

Putting the arrow on the rail of the crossbow is not an easy task, especially when you are new to hunting. All the more so as this action, considered exhausting, can impact the archer's performance. This will make him miss his target from the third shot. With a cam, there is no need to exert any force to pull the string. Why? Because this device offers you a support point that will facilitate the cocking of the crossbow. On Hattila, the reference in online crossbow shooting, you will find a wide range of cams to equip your crossbow. You will find, for example, cams for the HAT 56 Mankung Frost Wolf crossbow; cams for the EK Guillotine-X crossbow; cams for the EK Accelerator 390 crossbow; cams for the HAT-86-Mankung Fighter crossbow and even cams for the EK Guillotine-M-Accelerator 370 crossbow.

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