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Spare parts

Crossbow shooting is a fun and increasingly popular sport that offers a lot of excitement. It can also be practiced for hunting as well as for the simple pleasure of entertainment. Thanks to its discreet structure, crossbow shooting can be practiced in your garden or backyard, even in a minimum of space. To help you progress in this field, we offer you a whole collection of accessories and crossbow parts. They are essential to help you use your crossbow better, to maintain it perfectly, and sometimes even to make it perform better and customize it according to your wishes.

On Hatilla, you will have the right to a vast choice of spare parts and accessories of great quality, but sold at the best price. Make your selection from our range of strings, cables, bows, scopes, stocks, grips, shock absorbers... and much more. As a pioneer in online archery, Hatilla offers you not only high quality and well-known brands of throwing weapons, but also the complete arsenal of a crossbowman worthy of the name with all the accessories and spare parts necessary for your crossbow. Each product is associated with the different crossbow references available in our online archery store.


We recognize the crossbow in its most classic form consisting of a bow and a butt. You can then add some accessories, such as a rail, for example, to put your optics. As you use the bow, the string may also fray. You will then need to replace it, as the quality of the string undeniably impacts the power and accuracy of the shot. A damaged string also causes a lot of other damage to the other parts of your crossbow. Just as essential as the shock absorbers and cables, the strings should not be neglected. They must be functional, as they are particularly used to project the crossbow's shots. Strings and cables are very much in demand during shooting and gradually lose their efficiency. Their regular replacement would be more advisable.

Please note that crossbows are designed with removable parts. Each part can be easily replaced if it needs to be repaired or changed. Even the red dot scopes can be easily removed for replacement. These scopes with a red dot laser pointer improve shooting accuracy. If you need a replacement, you can go to our selection of red dot scopes to find crossbow scopes that fit the width of your gun's rail. At Hatilla, strings are available for mini crossbows, such as the hunting crossbows sold exclusively in our online store, as well as for heavy crossbows. Fake strings, headstocks, bandoliers, stocks and cables are all spare parts for crossbows that you should always have in your arsenal to avoid unpleasant surprises. String dampeners reduce vibrations when shooting, while providing your weapon with extra protection and shooting stability.

All crossbows, from crossbow pistols to powerful crossbows, are made up of different spare parts that you can easily find on Hatilla. To be sure of your purchase, however, remember that each part has a part number associated with the type of crossbow it is designed for. Whatever spare parts, accessories and other materials you need for your throwing weapon, you are sure to find them in our extensive collection.

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