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String dampeners

String dampers: for less vibration and greater efficiency

If you're acrossbow shooter, you're bound to have experienced vibrations, whatever your crossbow model. Indeed, whether you use a leisure crossbow, a recurve crossbow or a more powerful crossbow such as a compound crossbow, this phenomenon is more or less usual. However, over time, these vibrations, caused by the force of the projections, can deteriorate your shooting weapon, and even have consequences for your health. That's why it's a good idea to install string dampers on your crossbow. String dampeners are very popular with professional shooters, hunters and sportsmen. These crossbow spare parts are not to be overlooked and should never leave your crossbow arsenal. Most often installed on a compound crossbow, these dampers have the quality to reduce vibrations and noise, allowing you to obtain precise and successful shots. They also provide real protection for your weapon. Because every detail counts, we at Hattila offer you high-performance string dampers perfectly adapted to provide great comfort of use.

Hattila: the specialist in crossbow equipment, parts and accessories

A well-equipped crossbow is essential for accurate shooting. Sights, strings, cables, scopes, trigger mechanism, string dampers- every part has been designed to keep your weapon of choice at peak performance and safe from mishap. At Hattila, you're sure to find the right part for your needs and budget. When it comes to rope shock absorbers, you'll find ..:

  • string dampers for crossbows EK Archery
  • stop rope for crossbows
  • vibration dampers
  • rope damper set
  • mufflers/dampers
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