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Survival Knives

Survival knives

If you like to trudge and barouder in nature, you are certainly not unaware of the multifunctional equipment and gadgets essential for survival: to make fire, defend against wild animals, feed, etc. At Hattila.com you'll find everything you need in one place for hunters and survivors. For example, the survival knife. It must be named because it's not just a knife.

On its own, it brings together a variety of gadgets such as the compass, firearms, fishing rod and many more. If it turns out to be an excellent companion in hostile environments, the survival knife is also very useful and practical in everyday life. There are two types of survival knife:

- Folding blade that slides into the pocket for easy transportation

- Fixed blade, it is both stable and easy to take and use. You will not run the risk of seeing him fall back on your hand or break the blade.

At Hattila.com, the toughest survival knives are sold with a fixed blade, housed in beautiful leather cases.

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