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Personal defense

In these times of widespread insecurity, owning a personal defence weapon can be useful. Having a defensive weapon is an excellent way to protect yourself against possible aggression. The best defensive weapons are available on Hatilla, your online archery and personal defence specialist.

What is a personal defence weapon?

A personal defence or self-defence weapon can be defined as a product designed to prevent any form of violence from occurring. With a self-defence weapon, you could either immobilise your attacker, blind him or warn others in your vicinity. In any case, it will not be used to kill. It will mainly serve to neutralise him, to prevent him from attacking you for a while. Anti-aggression weapons are thus non-lethal weapons. This means that by using it, you could not cause death. However, depending on the type of weapon and its use, they can also cause more or less serious injuries. This is one reason why certain types of knives and firearms, such as pistols and rifles, are prohibited as defensive weapons.

On the current market, you will find 3 main categories of personal defence weapons.

  • Electrical stun guns which include tasers, shockers or the electric fist
  • Defence batons, which include products such as the baton or tonfa or the telescopic baton
  • Weapons that spray incapacitating gas or gel include tear gas and tear gas canisters.

Discover on Hatilla the different types of weapons dedicated to self-defence!

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