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Crossbows 50 pounds

Help with crossbow selection

50-lb. crossbows are designed primarily for the archery novice. These small crossbows are perfect for practicing shooting outdoors or in a specially equipped shooting club. A mini crossbow for beginners features a quick and easy reloading system. And if you're looking for an inexpensive one-handed crossbow, it's undoubtedly also because it's inexpensive and highly maneuverable, offering the shooter total freedom of movement.

This type of50-lb crossbow is also a good way to introduce children to shooting with a good-quality rubber-band crossbow, ideal for the safety of the young learner and those around him.

Generally speaking, we recommend using a 50-lb. mini rubber-band crossbow on a target at a shooting distance of 10 meters or less. This allows you to practice aiming at a target without missing, and to progress with the basics of crossbow shooting. In a large garden or in a leisure center, you can practice this precision sport in optimal conditions, taking precautions for your safety. To save money on accessories and arrows, discover the crossbow beginner's pack that we offer in our online archery shop specializing in bows and crossbows. You'll also have no trouble finding the best elastic crossbow pistols for beginners.

First price for a cheap one-handed crossbow

50-pound crossbows are low-power, one-handed mini-crossbows that require little force to cock and are very affordable. They are perfect handguns for a first approach to the world of leisure crossbows. Hattila helps you choose your crossbow, whatever the category, from beginner crossbow pistols to hunting crossbows and crossbows for competitors, thanks to its wide choice of crossbows.

However, it's important to take certain precautions before using a powerful one-handed crossbow. It's advisable to handle your small beginner crossbow with care when it's loaded. The same applies to this more powerful 80-pound crossbow model, but still suitable for the uninitiated.

A 50-pound string or bungee crossbow?

The 50-lb crossbow is also considered a mini children's crossbow. Its small size makes it easy to handle, and this model is ideal for the very young. The string is easy to tension. This makes for easy reloading. In this context, these handguns are more like toys than hunting weapons, but never let a child use them unsupervised. A few accessories are generally available to equip your little inexpensive crossbow. Some products come with a few plastic arrows and a sight.

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