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Crossbow 80 lbs

At Hattila's online archery store, you will find a wide selection of 80 lbs crossbows ready to satisfy all your handgun needs and requirements. Whether you are buying your first one-handed crossbow, replacing your current weapon, giving as a gift or gaining power over a 50 lbs crossbow, an 80 lbs mini crossbow will be a good weapon for recreational or sport shooting. Note that for safe crossbow shooting, it is advisable to practice at a shooting club that has a shooting range suitable for bows and crossbows. Be aware that this throwing weapon is not suitable for long distance shooting or hunting (a hunting crossbow is more powerful).

80 lbs crossbows are generally one-handed crossbow, small, very handy and easily transportable, like 50 lbs crossbows. They are, however, a little more expensive and, more importantly, more powerful and more accurate. These crossbows are perfect for increasing your level of proficiency and moving on to shooting from a little further away to hit your targets. You can install various accessories on these models, including a laser sight for more accuracy in your one-handed shots.

For the more discerning crossbowman, it is possible to add or customize your one-handed crossbow with other accessories such as a red dot scope, ammunition (50-80 lbs arrows) or strings. However, if you feel that small one-handed crossbows will not work for you: you may want to look into a 125 lbs crossbow, a 150 lbs crossbow or even more.

Small, powerful crossbows

80 lbs crossbows are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and adults who want to learn about shooting sports. They are not as powerful as a crossbow gun, but they offer a fun and original way to discover precision shooting.

The 120 or 180 lbs crossbow models are real hunting weapons, while the 80 lbs pistol crossbow is considered a powerful mini crossbow. This category of items is particularly aimed at adults as well as beginners.

Ideal for sport shooting

Choosing a small powerful crossbow means choosing a weapon that is not only easy to handle, but also capable of developing 80 lbs of power. The mini power crossbow is usually made of fiberglass, which makes it light. It can be aimed with one hand and offers excellent maneuverability. The user also has complete freedom of movement, which is ideal for recreational and introductory crossbow shooting.

However, be careful to always follow the safety instructions and not let a child use it unsupervised, because as small as they are, 80 lbs crossbows are still powerful shooting weapons.

80 or 90 lbs how to choose?

The 80 lbs handheld crossbow models outperform the 50 lbs pistol crossbow in terms of power. With an 80 lbs mini crossbow, it is possible to make a tight shot of about 40 meters and an accurate shot up to 15 meters. The speed of the projectile varies between 40 and 60 meters per second. This makes it a powerful small adult crossbow ideal for learning target shooting or recreational shooting techniques in the backyard, at a learning club or at an archery or crossbow range.

If you find that you are limited in your progress by the 80 lbs crossbows, then you may want to consider 90 lbs crossbows and move up to a higher power level. You will find some excellent models in this category of crossbows such as the black Cobra R9 90 lbs 240 FPS from EK Archery.

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