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Crossbow 120 Lbs

Crossbow 120 Lbs

The crossbow 120 lbs is the smallest of the existing recreational crossbows on our shop. It allows a first entry into the world of the crossbowman, to have fun in target shooting. These are the cheapest crossbows on the market. They have very affordable prices for a very good quality. The 120-pound power already allows good practice, a fairly distant shot and an average accuracy (the closer you get, the more accurate you will be) We offer the crossbow camo 120 lbs which is quickly dismantled for easy storage and transport .



In stock



€90.00 - €405.00


120 - 135

Speed (FPS)

185 - 425



No choice available on this group

Crossbow Cobra RX 130 lbs Crossbow Cobra RX 130 lbs 2
In stock
Cobra R9 and RX crossbow

EK Archery
Live a completely different shooting experience with this beautiful 130 lbs crossbow! Able to propel bolts at 230 fps, it is the most powerful of the Cobra crossbows. Very easy to arm and assemble, it is practical to use. A pack of ten 15 inches bolts is offered with the promo code: R9BOLTS15
Crossbow 120 pounds Black Crossbow 120 pounds Black 2
Sold out
Crossbow 120 Lbs

Discover this leisure crossbow with a power of 120 lbs at a very attractive price! A little gem that is perfect for target shooting activities. This leisure weapon shoots bolts at a speed of 173 fps for a maximum range of 109,3 yds, allowing you to shoot with precision up to 22-27 yds.
Camouflage leisure crossbow... Camouflage leisure crossbow... 2
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Crossbow 120 Lbs

Get yourself this crossbow with 120 lbs of power. It will meet the expectations of both amateurs and experienced target shooters. Its bolts move at a speed of 185 fps for a maximum range of 109 yds, which allows you to shoot with precision up to 22-27 yds.
Junxing Drakon 100 lbs 290... Junxing Drakon 100 lbs 290... 2
Sold out
Junxing crossbows

The Drakon Compound Crossbow from Junxing has a compact design. Its light weight makes it easy to handle. The integrated cocking system of this crossbow makes it easy to cock and uncock with one hand.
FMA Supersonic REV 120 lbs... FMA Supersonic REV 120 lbs... 2
Sold out
Crossbow 120 Lbs

Introducing the most powerful pistol crossbow in the world! With 120 lbs of power and its revolutionary inverted pulleys, this mini crossbow is able to shoot arrows at 420 fps or 460 km/h. The Supersonic REV Compound Crossbow Gun is the result of new advances in research and development by the renowned FMA brand. The result is an ultra-compact inverted...

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