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Crossbow 120 Lbs

Help with choosing a crossbow

The 120-pound crossbow is the smallest of the recreational crossbows available in our shop. It offers an entry into the world of crossbow shooting for fun target shooting. This allows shooting sports enthusiasts to start or train with a quality projectile weapon. They have the advantage of being very inexpensive to purchase. Ideal for making a gift or treating yourself at a low cost.

This beginner crossbow still has good power and allows shooting up to 80 meters. You can practice shooting over several dozen meters with great accuracy despite this distance. That's one of the advantages of the crossbow. The crossbow bolt or crossbow arrow is sent with power, and its reloading is very easy.

Hattila, online archery, offers compound bows, recurve bows, slingshots, hunting knives, but also 120-pound crossbows or cheap wooden crossbows. Available for less than 100 euros, it is possible to find a classic 120-pound crossbow or a more original one with camouflage coloring. A cheap crossbow like this should not be put in the hands of a child, although it is easy to use. It is possible to add accessories to your 120-pound crossbow: crossbow scope with red dot sight for precise shooting, hunting points, string, arrows, rail, replacement bow, quiver...

It is also possible to acquire a weapon of different power, such as an 80-pound crossbow, a 150-pound shooting crossbow, a 180-pound hunting crossbow or Barnett crossbows. Discover the sport of shooting with hunting or recreational weapons and accessories from Hattila.

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120 - 130

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0 - 420


€195.00 - €480.00

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