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Shooting Crossbows 150 lbs

Help with choosing a crossbow

To make accurate and effective shots, the ideal solution is to use a high-performance crossbow. Target-shooting crossbows are designed to do just that. Their goal: make exceptional shots with optimal performance.

Shooting Crossbow: An Iconic Upgraded Weapon

The crossbow is an iconic weapon from the Middle Ages that has undergone a remarkable evolution to provide exceptional shooting. Designed for beginners or advanced shooters, they are available in different draw weights, sizes, and designs. Choose the one that best suits your needs and skill level!

A great alternative for shooting enthusiasts

If you're a recreational or precision shooting enthusiast, you may be pleasantly surprised by the crossbow alternative. Crossbows offer many advantages, regardless of their make or model. They are valued for their affordability, great maneuverability, long-range, accuracy, high shooting power, and ease of learning.

A selection of crossbows to suit all needs

Discover the world of archery in a new light by exploring our selection of classic and compound crossbows on our online store, Hattila. Please note that high-poundage crossbows, especially 120, 150 and 180lbs, are commonly used for shooting in the woods or for survivalist practice. However, it is possible to purchase one just for the pleasure of shooting at targets in a private space such as a backyard.

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150 - 165

Speed (FPS)

210 - 340


€105.00 - €420.00

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