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Hunting crossbows - 175 lbs and up

If you are an experienced shooter, or if you are simply looking for a high-quality,powerful crossbow for your recreational shooting activities, our selection of hunting crossbows will satisfy you. Hunting crossbows have a 175 lbs draw weight and above and are primarily used for activities in the woods.

Hunting crossbows with unique features

Unlike mini crossbows, hunting crossbows are large and their projectiles are much faster. Their use is quite different from that of small crossbows, and it is important to understand the difference between these two categories before purchasing one. Camouflage patterns are perfect for use in the woods for survivalist purposes, but we also have more traditional models if you prefer a more classic design.

In addition, our selection of hunting crossbows includes a wide range of accessories that can enhance your shooting experience.

Why choose a hunting crossbow?

The crossbow is an iconic and powerful throwing weapon, ideal for precision shooting, recreational shooting, and hunting in countries where it is permitted. Compared to a slingshot, a bow or an airsoft, it offers excellent performance, a more sporting aspect and more intense sensations.

Regardless of the model and brand, the hunting crossbow has several advantages. The 180 lbs crossbows and compound crossbows are perfect for big game hunting and are popular with survivalists.

Various models to suit all needs

We offer different models of hunting crossbows with various draw weights:

  • Beginner crossbow: 120 lbs
  • Intermediate crossbow: 150 to 175 lbs
  • Advanced crossbow: 175 to 400 lbs

These powerful crossbows are also called "high-poundage crossbows" and can be used for target shooting, sports practice or hunting.

Due to their special design, the most powerful hunting crossbows propel their arrows at speeds of up to 360 fps, or more than 390 km/h, making them suitable for target practice at clubs or shooting ranges. These crossbows have a range of 25 to 60 meters, depending on the model, making them a weapon of choice for shooters looking for accurate long-range shooting.

How to make the right choice?

Choosing your hunting crossbow will depend on your preferences and expectations as a shooter. On Hattila, we offer a wide selection of different brands and models to meet everyone's needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, you will find the perfect model.

Popular and powerful models

Hunting crossbows are known for their high power and weight. Although they are mainly used by professionals, they are also available to amateur shooters. However, it is important to get training at a shooting club to learn how to handle them properly. Compound crossbows are the most popular for hunting because of their stealthy shooting and exceptional maneuverability, although they are more expensive and complex to use.

What are the essential accessories to enhance your shooting experience with a hunting crossbow?

  • An adjustable red dot sight with 5 levels of light intensity, compatible with all crossbow models, to improve the accuracy of your shots.
  • A scope to avoid deviated trajectories when hunting allowing better precision of your shots
  • Arrows and broadheads to hit your prey efficiently
  • A cocking crank for a quick cocking of your crossbow and a smoother shooting experience
  • A harness and strap to hold and carry your accessories
  • A protective cover to safely carry your crossbow
  • Maintenance wax to extend the life of your crossbow
  • A practice target to improve your skill and increase your hunting performance

Remember, the choice of these accessories will depend on your needs, your crossbow model and your budget. Make sure you do your research before buying accessories for your hunting crossbow!

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