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Hunting crossbows

How to choose your hunting crossbow?

An emblematic throwing weapon endowed with formidable power, the crossbow is ideally suited to precision or leisure shooting, as well as hunting. In fact, compared with a slingshot or bow, it offers excellent performance, a sportier look than a rifle and more intense sensations than airsoft. Whatever the model or brand, crossbows offer many advantages. Here's how to choose the right hunting crossbow.

Which crossbow draw weight for which shooting distance?

A crossbow's draw weight and shooting distance go hand in hand:

  • hand crossbows with a power of 50 - 80 pounds have a shooting range of up to 30 - 80 meters. At 15 to 20 meters, their accuracy is almost perfect.
  • Classic crossbows with a 120 - 180-pound draw weight can, with precision, shoot up to 25 - 75 meters.

The most powerful crossbows are rated up to 260 or 290 pounds.

However, for precision shooting, power is not the only criterion to consider. You also need to check other parameters such as throwing speed, crossbow weight, arrow type and many others. Projectile velocity is a reliable performance indicator that depends enormously on arrow characteristics such as weight and flexibility. As a result, classic crossbows can fire at a maximum speed of up to 360 km/h, while the most powerful crossbows can exceed 400 km/h.

Hunting, hand and recreational crossbows: what are the differences?

Hunting crossbows are the heaviest and most powerful. Although they are intended for professional use only, it's perfectly possible to buy one if you're simply a shooting enthusiast. However, training at a shooting club is required to master them.

Compound crossbows are often used for hunting. Although more complex and expensive, they are prized for their silent shooting and excellent maneuverability.

120 - 180 lbs classic recurve crossbows are versatile and reliable. They can be used for precision shooting or long-distance shooting competitions, as well as for leisure and hunting.

Pistol crossbows are the smallest and least powerful models. These handguns are ideal for those just starting out in recreational shooting or hunting with short-range targets.

What are the most powerful crossbows?

    • The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow
    • With 185 lbs draw weight, this crossbow from


      has a bolt speed of 114 m/s (411 km/h). Handy and compact, it's suitable for all categories, whatever your level for hunting or leisure shooting.This Barnett crossbow features a fiberglass riser and custom composite laminates. To accommodate various accessories, it is equipped with three rails and comes with a quiver containing 2 HeadHunter 55.8 cm carbon arrows.The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow benefits from a cam system with TriggerTech technology created to propel arrows without friction. It also features an anti-dry fire trigger, as well as a handguard for maximum safety. This model has an overall length of 88.6 cm and a weight of 2.7 kg. It has a Power Stroke of 39.2 cm and a bow width of 51 cm uncocked, and 46 cm cocked. This Barnett crossbow comes with a rope cocking device, a pre-fitting for a cocking crank and a multi-recoil scope.
    • Centerpoint CP400 200 lbs crossbow

    • This model stands out for its 200 lbs draw weight and 122 m/s (439 km/h) bolt speed. Equipped with an automatic lock and an anti-dry fire system, it's the perfect combination of comfort and performance.Combining precision, power and comfort, this

Centerpoint crossbow

    represents a new tier of crossbows. It features a hybrid cam mechanism using Helicoil technology combined with a custom-designed riser with adjustable brackets to suit your style and build.Versatile, it has an overall length of 80 cm and a weight of 3.6 kg. It has a resting bow width of 26.7 cm and a cocked bow width of just 15 cm. Its functions are complemented by a double-function folding bipod stirrup. Extremely stable and sturdy, it is crafted from top-quality composite with an aluminum rail and cam system that determine a camouflaged color scheme embellished with black.
  • Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 crossbow
  • This classic crossbow is one of the fastest, with a draw speed of 290 lbs. In fact, professionals can reach up to 450 FPS and more. This Excalibur recurve crossbow is very light and has a Twilight DLX Scope. For safety, several features are included. To reduce crossbow noise, it has an integrated RED suppressor.Thanks to its longer pull length, it has a faster speed. In other words, this crossbow model can be used for both big game hunting and target shooting.Discover Hattila's range of crossbows, perfect for hunters of all levels. Our products are high quality, sturdy and high-performance, and are offered at prices to suit all budgets.

What accessories should I buy with my hunting crossbow?

Once you've chosen your hunting crossbow, it's time to buy the right accessories:

  • The red dot sight, adaptable to any model and adjustable in 5 light intensities, to optimize shooting accuracy.
  • A scope to avoid deviating trajectories while shooting, optimizing precision and direction.
  • Arrows and broadheads to reach game.
  • The cocking crank improves reloading speed, bringing you closer to semi-automatic shooting.
  • A strap and harness to hold and transport accessories
  • A cover to carry the crossbow in complete safety
  • Maintenance wax
  • A target to practice and improve your performance

What about the law concerning crossbows?

A category D weapon, crossbows can be bought and held by anyone over 18 in France. However, its carrying and use are subject to regulations. Carrying and transporting a crossbow in public places are prohibited, unless the crossbow cannot be used directly (without projectiles, dismantled parts, etc.). In other words, its use is reserved for private premises such as shooting clubs.

Whatever its size or draw weight, the crossbow is a dangerous weapon, since it is designed to injure or kill, even if it is used for recreational shooting. Hunting with crossbows is strictly forbidden in France.

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