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Arrows and bolts for high-poundage crossbows

Nowadays, the crossbow, an ancient and very powerful weapon of war, is used in many activities, such as sport shooting, outdoor activities in the woods, fishing, hunting, scientific research, or even to throw ropes or cables in various fields. Depending on the use of the crossbow, it is essential to know how to choose the most suitable projectiles. Although similar to a bow arrow, the crossbow arrow, also known as a bolt or crossbow bolt, is shorter and sturdier than a bow arrow.

Choose your crossbow arrows according to your needs and expectations

Maximize your chances of success by equipping your crossbow with the quality accessories that are the crossbow arrows available on our online store! To get the most out of your crossbow, it is crucial to choose the arrows that best suit your needs and expectations. There are several factors to consider when selecting projectiles for your crossbow, such as the size of the crossbow, the diameter of the arrow, and the type of use you plan to make of it. Whether it is for recreational shooting at a practice target or for other outdoor activities, the wide range of crossbow bolts available on Hattila can meet all requirements. Before choosing your next ammunition, it is also important to determine the draw weight required for your crossbow.

Different types of arrows

For a low-poundage crossbow, usually between 50 and 80 lbs, it is recommended to use small arrows, made of plastic or metal, of less than 14 inches (35.56 cm). On the other hand, high-poundage crossbows, between 120 and 180lbs require arrows of 14 inches (35.56 cm) or longer. Arrows can vary in length from 14 to 22 inches (35.56 cm to 55.88 cm). Arrows of 16 or 22 inches (40.64 cm or 55.88 cm) are the most suitable. The diameter of the crossbow bolts varies from 6 mm to 8 mm and should be chosen according to the power of the crossbow. For shooting in the forest, square or pointed points are ideal, while for recreational shooting and training, foam points are recommended. The choice also depends on your skill level and personal needs. It is also possible to choose between fletched arrows and removable broadhead arrows for your crossbow. Fletched arrows have a fixed point that is built into the arrow itself, while removable broadhead arrows have a removable point that can be changed as needed. The choice between these two types of arrows will depend on your personal preferences, your level of crossbow proficiency and your specific needs.

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