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Crossbows strings

Crossbow strings: the guarantee of a powerful weapon

Enhance the performance of your crossbows with a must-have accessory: "strings". Just like cables, scopes and bandoliers, crossbow cords are of vital importance to the efficiency of your crossbow. It guarantees rapid, powerful projection of the bolts through the target. To ensure a long service life and prevent damage and injury, regular maintenance with wax is essential. If your crossbow string has deteriorated over time, you'll need to think about replacing it, and Hattila has "many strings to its bow".

Hattila: your best ally for high-quality spare parts and accessories

At Hattila, we offer you a whole range of spare parts and accessories from leading brands, adapted to your needs. And if you're looking for a string to maintain or customize your crossbow, our best selection is just a click away via our online catalog. Whether for a mini crossbow or a heavy crossbow, a spare crossbow rope is always recommended to maintain the performance of your sporting weapon. These crossbow cords are sold at very affordable prices to suit all budgets.

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