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Arbalète EK 90 à 130 lbs

Ek Archery, a reference brand on the crossbow market, offers different ranges of crossbows for users of all levels. The manufacturer offers you reliable, high performance and very good prices that you can discover and order on our online archery shop. 

In this category, you will find the Cobra range of the brand, which includes models with a power of between 90 lbs and 130 lbs. These crossbows are simply out of the ordinary in their design and use. For shooters looking for a weapon that combines performance, accuracy, design and ease of use, choose from this selection and take advantage of the best prices on Hattila.

The Ek 90 to 130 lbs crossbows are particularly suitable for recreational and target shooting. They are ideal for beginners to get a feel for the sport of crossbow shooting. However, they can also be ideal for more experienced users who want to buy a medium power crossbow. They are, after all, general-purpose weapons, but remember that they are not powerful or suitable for hunting with a crossbow.

Why choose Cobra crossbows?

The Cobra 90 to 130 lbs crossbows from Ek Archery are very nice shooting weapons. They appeal to the eye with their simple design while offering a comfortable grip: the Cobra R9, Cobra R9 Deluxe, Cobra RX, or Cobra RX Adder. Find out more about the strengths of the Cobra range and why you should choose one of these models. At Hattila, the crossbow and bladed weapons specialist, we also offer various accessories for Ek crossbows: strings, cables, arrows, quivers, lubricant, etc.

Modern and precise weapons

Ek Archery Cobra 90 to 130 lbs line of crossbows is as beautifully designed as any other. These recreational crossbows have an ultra-modern look with impeccable finishes. Thanks to their characteristics and power, they are precise and can propel arrows at a speed of up to 263 km/h depending on the model (296 km/h for the Cobra RX Adder). Moreover, they are also offered with a set of accessories designed to simplify their use such as arrows, adjustable stock, handle, sling, red dot sight, string lubricant, goggles, and even stringer, string, and spare limb tips.

Ultra-convenient crossbows to use

Cobra crossbow models are distinguished by their ease of use, which is why they are so popular with the public.

Easy assembly system

Ek crossbows from the Cobra line are easy to assemble and disassemble. Each one is equipped with an exclusive and quick assembly/disassembly system, which makes it very practical. You don't need to be a great crossbow expert or use special tools to assemble it successfully. With just a few movements, you can disassemble the bow and transport it safely to your shooting range. You reassemble your weapon just as quickly and you're ready to practice.

Quick cocking mechanism

Secondly, Cobra Ek Archery is the first crossbow to feature a cocking lever. This lever and assembly system is found on all models, which is ultra-convenient for the user. Your crossbow is ready to fire in a concise time. This increases your rate of fire. With the Cobra RX Adder pistol crossbow, you can shoot up to 5 bolts in a row without reloading in less than 30 seconds thanks to its automatic magazine. Rediscover all the fun of shooting by testing these crossbows!

Safe to use

The Cobra crossbows are comfortable to hold because of their advanced mounting/dismounting and cocking mechanisms. This is a crossbow that is easy to cock, disarm and carry. But these models are also equipped with automatic safety when cocked for safe use of the weapon. As a bonus, they have an anti-dry fire system for optimal safety. These advanced technologies make the use of your gun safer and more enjoyable during your shooting games.

Unbeatable value for money

Ek Archery offers some of the lowest-priced crossbows and bows on the market. Despite all the great qualities of Ek models, they are still more than reasonably priced and within reach of all budgets. If you don't have a large budget to allocate to your weapon, the Cobra models, ideal for recreational shooting, will seduce you with their low price. For beginners and more experienced shooters, get the best value for money by ordering from our store.

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