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Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is a brand of crossbows known worldwide. Through its innovations and high-end models, the brand has established itself as the world leader in "premium" crossbows and has become a must for crossbow hunters. It's' just not about "power", Barnett constantly seeks to improve its crossbows by increasing comfort, power and enhance his aesthetics.

The quality materials used in Barnett crossbows make up for the cost. But to allow the development of crossbow shooting, the brand also creates high-performance and affordable products, even for beginners.

Despite its current success, Barnett has always been focused on the future, finding new ways to innovate and improve its products. Lighter, faster, stronger - to the delight of their customers, Barnett Crossbows has always led the way when it comes to crossbows.

Barnett Crossbows: an ultra-light throwing weapon

Barnett is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands when it comes to selecting a crossbow. Their models are light and easy to carry. The Buck Commander Extreme, for example, is made exclusively from carbon and aluminum. When the crossbow is cocked, it becomes compact. And despite its relatively large size, it is easy to handle. Which is ideal for beginners.

A quality weapon that comes with many accessories

A Barnett crossbow can deliver incredible performance once it is cocked, and it comes with a variety of Barnett accessories so that the user can fully enjoy the hunting. Its accuracy is spectacular thanks to the 3 x 32 illuminated range. Its design is very sturdy, light, and balanced. It is easy to transport and extremely comfortable.

A crossbow capable of shooting arrows at high speed

One of the key strengths of this crossbow brand is its shooting speed. Its capacity of 410 fps or 450 km/h can generate kinetic energy of up to 150 lbs. The bolt can easily hit the target background once it is fired. It is the perfect choice for high accuracy even at 6.5 yds (60 meters) from a prey. Also, the cable system and energy wheels provide fast and really powerful shots. This way, you won’t surely miss any target.

In conclusion, the Barnett crossbow is perfect for experienced hunters, but also beginners.

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120 - 230

Speed (FPS)

260 - 430


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