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Crossbows Bear X

Bear X is an extension of the Bear Archery brands. It is a brand of hunting and leisure crossbows that is aimed at all shooters, from beginners to experienced shooters. They want to make crossbows accessible to everyone and their many models and accessories are available on Hattila, your online archery shop.

Bear X is known for offering the most compact and affordable crossbows on the market. Bear X does not neglect quality, however, and takes great care to ensure the performance of its products, such as the Bear Archery compound bows. If you want to buy a hunting crossbow, recreational crossbow or crossbow accessories and get great value for money, find out more and place your order here.

Crossbows with outstanding performance

In recreational shooting, on the range and while hunting, Bear X crossbows deliver great performance. These crossbows are reliable, accurate and fast. In addition, the brand's latest lineup comes with comprehensive options designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced hunters. With Bear X crossbows, you'll want to spend more time in the woods!

Advantages of Bear X Crossbows

- Compact design: Bear X has chosen to manufacture ultra-compact crossbows while optimizing their performance. The width and dimensions of its crossbow ranges are reduced compared to standard dimensions.

- Draw weight: to satisfy all users, the manufacturer offers crossbows of different draw weights: 175 lbs, 185 lbs, or 190 lbs allowing to shoot from 30 m to more than 50 m depending on the model.

- Speed: the arrows fired by Bear X crossbows reach interesting speeds, which makes them good crossbows for hunting, but also leisure and target shooting. The fastest crossbows have a speed of 420 fps or just over 460 km/h.

- Accuracy: Bear X crossbows offer precision shooting through quality design. They benefit from Bear Archery's 90 years of experience in making compound bows.

- Affordability: despite their obvious quality and durability, Bear X crossbows are affordable. Whatever your budget, you'll be able to find something to suit your needs in the range of products and prices available. Buy at the best price on Hattila.com.

The Bear X Crossbow Lines

Impact: these crossbows are definitely the most powerful ones offered by the Bear X brand. Very compact, their width is reduced while their performance is increased tenfold. The bolts are propelled at a blistering 415 fps (455 km/h) with a pressure of 185 lbs. These ready-to-hunt crossbows come with all accessories.

Constrictor: for those looking for quality at a low price, the Bear X Constrictor is also a very compact crossbow. With a draw weight of 190 lbs, the speed of the arrows of these crossbows reaches 410 fps. They are made for hunting and shooting in tight spaces. 

Intense: this range includes 3 models of crossbows that focus on compactness and performance. They have been reduced in size, but each model has the power of a compound crossbow. You can choose the one that suits your level, preferences and budget.

Trek: high quality and top speed, this range is also appreciated for its handiness. It adapts to the age and size of the hunter thanks to its handle. It is an excellent survival crossbow.

Konflict: This new Bear X crossbow also has exceptional performance. It is equipped with an adjustable front grip, ambidextrous safety and an adjustable rear stock.

Saga: fast and reliable, these crossbows shoot arrows at 370 fps or 405 fps depending on the model. These are lethal weapons characterized by a sleek shape and optimized comfort. Bear X also offers them with various practical accessories to facilitate their handling, use and maintenance.

Desire: In the category of the most affordable crossbows, Bear X offers us its Desire RD pistol crossbows, ideal for small game hunting and recreational shooting. They have lever systems for automatic cocking.

Bear X wants to offer users the best possible shooting experience with its quality crossbows. We also offer various accessories to accompany and maintain them daily: arrows, quivers, string, lubricant, etc. Choose your items with the help of our crossbow specialists.

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