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Crossbows Carbon Express

The Carbon Express crossbows are high-quality crossbows made from the finest materials - carbon, magnesium and aluminum.
Crossbows are precise and powerful.

Crossbow Carbon Express: an exceptionally powerful weapon

The crossbow is an indispensable hunting accessory and very popular with intermediate level hunters. The Carbon Express brand is particularly rigid with a body made of composite molded in one piece. Discover below, the main elements as well as the advantages of this professional hunting weapon.

An extremely powerful pulley crossbow

When the rope is tight, this crossbow pulley releases a speed of 165 pounds. Its velocity is 329 km / h, 91.44 m / s or e 320 feet per second. This weapon can shoot a target between 50 to 90 meters. For your safety, the tail of relaxation is equipped with a security. Easy to use, this accessory requires no physical effort on your part.

What does the box of a Carbon Express crossbow include?

The package includes several components such as: the 3 arrows with 20 inches carbon of about 52 cm, the 3 practice points, the telescopic sight 4 x 32, the arming aid, the Anti-Dry trigger system Fire, the telescope, the detachable quiver, rigid with 3 arrows not to mention the rail lubricant. These accessories make the crossbow a high-performance weapon.

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175 - 185

Speed (FPS)

310 - 390


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