Crossbows Excalibur

Created in 1983 by Bill and Kath TROUBRIDGE, the crossbow brand Excalibur has established itself on the market as a quality brand offering precision crossbows.
At Excalibur these are not engineers who make plans, they are all hunters who constantly improve their crossbow models.
Their motto is precision, so much so that they even say that you'd better take a target by arrow shot at 25 meters otherwise it will cost you in arrows (you have to understand that you're going to shoot your arrow in the previous arrow)!
Excalibur crossbows are not the most stylish but surely the most accurate.

Excalibur crossbow: a formidable weapon for professionals

Performance regarding the fluidity of shooting a crossbow depends entirely on its construction. This is one of the criteria that drives an acquirer to buy this product. The Excalibur crossbow is a bow that is both powerful and precise. It is well equipped, light and comfortable to use. Discover below the performances as well as the functionalities of this accessory.

The performance of the Excalibu crossbow

Once the trigger is put in place, it releases the tile in a very fluid way that can reach a speed of 415 km / h. This weapon can target moving targets, but also those that are still moving. Indeed, the Excalibur crossbow is composed of arcs which allow to realize very fluid shots. It generates a power of 50 kg. In a single shot, all types of game will be crossed by the arrow.

The different components of a crossbow

The package of this crossbow includes all the assembly tools you need. There is even a DVD instruction guide that will help you get your gun up quickly. The pack also has a quiver, a charging aid, a precise viewfinder, etc. Other than that, this accessory is less noisy compared to other models.



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