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Excalibur Crossbows

Created in 1983 by Bill and Kath TROUBRIDGE, the Excalibur crossbow brand has established itself in the market as a quality brand offering precision crossbows with suitable accessories.

At Excalibur, engineers draw their inspiration from hunters' demands, and they are constantly improving their crossbow models to provide maximum satisfaction.

Their motto is precision. They will tell you that it’s better to take a target for every arrow shot at 27 yards (25 m), otherwise it will quickly get expensive (you must realize that the precision is so good that you will shoot your arrow in the previous arrow)!

Excalibur crossbows don’t have sophisticated design, but they are certainly among the most accurate.

Excalibur crossbow: a powerful weapon designed for professionals

The shooting smoothness of a crossbow depends entirely on its design. This is one of the criteria that determines the choice of the product. The Excalibur crossbow is both powerful and accurate. It is well-equipped, light, handy and comfortable to use. Find out more about the performance and features of this premium throwing weapon below.

Excalibur Crossbow Performance

Once the trigger is mounted, the crossbow releases the bolt in a very smooth manner, at a speed up to 378 fps (415 km/h). This weapon can not only aim at moving targets, but also at those that are constantly in motion. It is the hunting crossbow par excellence. As a matter of fact, the Excalibur crossbow is made up of bows that can shoot seamlessly. It generates a power of 110 lbs (50 kg). Rest assured that your arrow will reach all types of game (small game and big game) in one shot.

The different components of a crossbow

The crossbow is supplied with a complete kit. The pack is made up of arrows, quiver, band, and scope. The perfect panoply to practice as soon as you receive your order.

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