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Crossbows PSE

PSE crossbow: a very powerful precision weapon

To select the best crossbow of the brand PSE, it is necessary to be based on some criteria including the weight of the draw, the speed of the arrow, the quality of the sight. If all these factors are satisfactory and adapt to your needs, do not hesitate to buy the equipment. The other accessories in the package must also be an important point. The box must contain at least one device for arming the rope and the padded frog. Here are the characteristics of the PSE Crossbow.

A well camouflaged appearance

Concealment is something you should not underestimate when hunting for prey in its natural environment. The PSE crossbow has an authentic decor and a Mossy Oak BreakUp Infinity camouflage. Your weapon will be completely hidden. The stock also has a unique design and for a better grip, it is adjustable in 4 positions. For its part, the dismantling armrest is made of black metal.

A crossbow with compound

A pulley crossbow represents countless benefits. Almost all PES models feature a dual compound bow made of durable composite material. This option plays a vital role in the power and accuracy of the shot.

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50 - 245

Speed (FPS)

175 - 405


€15.00 - €1,215.00

In stock

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